Saturday, April 2, 2016


Though I may not be the most religious person to have around, I do believe in the spirituality of certain places. One of them is Israel, more specifically, Jerusalem...

The first journey lasted only a day, but was enough to enchant me for a lifetime. City ruins underneath the city we see today, colorful spices and bazaars all around, making it almost impossible to orient and therefore easier to get lost in it's beauty, ingenious, isn't it?

Deserts and the Dead Sea are the most magical places I have ever visited, almost making you feel as if you have left planet Earth and entered Mars and its craters (offering you also small and big sand storms). FUN FACT:Not only can you float around in this sea, your skin can even benefit from the mud that is found at it's bottom, feeling like a facial mask, after putting it on, just let it dry for a bit, and then rinse it off with normal water, I promise you your skin will feel amazing and you will have your healthy glow again ;D 

A place that brings us all together. Through history, art, religion, spirituality and open-minded mentality Israel offers you not only a vacation to show off, but as well the opportunity to work on yourself, explore and deepen your thoughts and focus on career/life or goals of happiness.

All photos by me, rights reserved: instagram: @alex.tomasevic

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