Sunday, March 27, 2016


In every single one of us hides a true lady, this weekend I decided to embrace mine. #cocktailweekendsthebestweekends. Now for all my short ladies out there, never be afraid, and I repeat never,  to wear shorter skirts, preferably ones with an A-line-skater skirt cut. If you have a bigger midriff section, even better, with this type of skirt you will both accentuate your legs and make the illusion of a smaller waist and hips ;D.

Now let us go on to the shoes, welp my dear ladies, don't go overboard with these ones. I recommend wearing a smaller heeled sandal, even a chunky heel, especially when going to grab some cocktails (we want to be comfortable here helooooo)

Accessories: When going for a minimalist look, you should have the same approach with jewelry. A small set of rings, or a detail necklace are the key, often people pick basic clutches, but remember a clutch is an accessory as well, that is why I chose this book inspired one (though it sounds childish, a bit palyfulness never killed nobody, so be bold,even with your clutches and bags)

This would be all for this post, farewell my loves (just kidding, watched Pride and Prejudice, that explains my sense for drama XD). Send me your style struggle stories via mail @, let's solve them together, can't wait to hear from ya'll


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