Sunday, March 13, 2016


Heyo peeps! Long time no see ( or should I say writing). Weekends have definitely reached the status of #lifegoal XD. Middle of March (yet still surrounded by rain all day every day), here I am sitting with my good ol' green tea, trying to finalize my working papers (welp, not going as fast as I had imagined it). So I thought to myself when in doubt: seek out some inspiration :D

 #CONFESSIONINCOMING: This is the first time that I've spent a few days at home in a long long while. And good lord does it feel good :33. So as you can guess, I am definitely feeling the casual pants combo.

Statement shirt underneath, bomber jacket on top and high-top air force sneakers (which btw make you feel as if you're walking on clouds), basically my life atm *_*. Although it may seem like it doesn't offer enough styling space, with the right blouse and shoes, you can achieve the damn gurl look we all want. ;)

Stay tuned for what's more to come, as I return to my full-time commitment to the blog. 



Photos: Google images, all rights remain to their respectable owners
Last two by me: instagram: @alex.tomasevic

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