Sunday, March 27, 2016


In every single one of us hides a true lady, this weekend I decided to embrace mine. #cocktailweekendsthebestweekends. Now for all my short ladies out there, never be afraid, and I repeat never,  to wear shorter skirts, preferably ones with an A-line-skater skirt cut. If you have a bigger midriff section, even better, with this type of skirt you will both accentuate your legs and make the illusion of a smaller waist and hips ;D.

Now let us go on to the shoes, welp my dear ladies, don't go overboard with these ones. I recommend wearing a smaller heeled sandal, even a chunky heel, especially when going to grab some cocktails (we want to be comfortable here helooooo)

Accessories: When going for a minimalist look, you should have the same approach with jewelry. A small set of rings, or a detail necklace are the key, often people pick basic clutches, but remember a clutch is an accessory as well, that is why I chose this book inspired one (though it sounds childish, a bit palyfulness never killed nobody, so be bold,even with your clutches and bags)

This would be all for this post, farewell my loves (just kidding, watched Pride and Prejudice, that explains my sense for drama XD). Send me your style struggle stories via mail @, let's solve them together, can't wait to hear from ya'll


Saturday, March 26, 2016


Spring is here, the weather though sometimes even a bigger bitch than me, myself and I #suchalie, seems to have found its peace. Sun is up, move your body, that's what I'd  suggest you do. But we all encounter the cringing eye when directly looking into the Sun, so hmmm... why not for a change try out some shades...

This week I'm bringing you the ultimate guide to shades (NOT throwing shade, but we all know that I'm the master at doing that). Key thing to remember: you DON'T have to buy expensive ones in order to look good, you just have to be on the look out for the right shape to enhance and complement your face features. Here are some of my picks for this Spring/Summer period ahead of us. 



*All shades can be found on or

Sources: Net-a-porter and theOutnet

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Jos jedan od onih dana kada incognito haram Beogradom i pratim svoje njuskalo u potrazi za novim lokalima (o da, zivot mi je jedna velika zabava). Gde me moze covek sresti dobro je pitanje, na koje ni ja sama nemam odgovor.

Nakon prve kafe, ubrzo dodjem i do desete, sa laptopom u ruci pomalo podsecam na nomada iz putinje Izraela. I tako nadjoh vam ja moju privatnu slatku oazu (doslovno slatka btw ;)). Mandarina Cake Shop, ime je bilo prvo sto me privuklo, miris ono sto me uvuklo, a slatke kreacije ono sto me zadrzalo. Moja licna opsesija: kolacic po imenu (koje moze se slobodno reci podseca na produkciju televisa presenta :'D, kako smo vickasti danas) Huanita. 

A sada, napustam vas, mada, ostavljam vam adresu ovog raja na zemlji (Gracanicka 16). Imajte mi produktivan vikend, i ne bojte se, niko se do sada nije ugojio od jednog kolaca s vremena na vreme. ;)

Another one of my incognito days, wandering around the city and easily managing to go from one coffee to drinking ten in a day. Where can you find me you ask, that is a question I ask myself a lot recently.

And exactly that is how I encountered my sweet heaven on Earth. With a laptop in one hand, almost resembling a nomad in the desert of Israel.The name was catchy, the scent lured me in and the sweet creations are what kept me inside. My personal favorite: a sweet little thing called (welp, just like those maids in the televisa presenta productions) Huanita.

This is the part where I leave you, but I am leaving you the address of this heaven (Gracanicka 16). I wish you all a productive weekend, and always remember, one little sweet thing won't make you obese, so enjoy it ;)


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Friday, March 18, 2016


Personal confession: at early age I was never drawn to being part of a humanitarian organisation, or taking active actions towards the problems our nature faces day by day. It was during the past few years that I have considered these topics, and decided to investigate how I could help make a change.

Earth hour is one the things I have discovered for myself. What is this you ask? And it for sure must have some strict rules for participation? Welp if you consider a simple E-Mail registration a pain in the ass, then yes, they have strict rules for participation.

By simply turning off all the lights, we are able to shine a light on the climate change and other problems our beloved planet is facing. This year, Earth Hour is held tomorrow on the 19 March, at 8:30. It's not to late to join the movement and show your spport for a good cause, be sure sure to check it out (the link is below) and help spread this idea across the globe :D

Licna ispovest: Do pre par godina, relativno sam se malo interesovala za humanitarne organizacije i nacine na koje mogu da doprinesem ekoloskoj svesti i zastiti prirode koja nas okruzuje. Tek u skorije vreme pocela sam da se raspitujem i istrazujem o svemu sto je vezano za tu temu.

Earth Hour (ili ti cas zemlje) je nesto u cemu rado ucestvuje. Priznajem zvuci relativno neodredjeno i sigurno se pitate sta li je to. Ali osim ako vam nije previse komplikovane da se prijavite mail-om, nema razloga zasto ne biste ucestvovali u tome.

Samim cinom gasenja svetla na sat vremena, doprinosimo (svako svojim malim delom) sirenju svesti o klimatskim problemima i sirimo svest ljudima o aktuelnim problemima. Earth Hour odrzava se sutra u 20:30 (jos nije kasno da se registrujete), jednostavnom posetom sajta (link je jos mao juznije ;)) mozete i vi ucestvovati u ovoj kreativnoj akciji :D

Monday, March 14, 2016


Dobro vece dobri ljudi, eve mene, eve vas, a tek je ponedeljak vece XD. Verujem da je i pred vama jos jedna poduza radna nedelja (ali hvala bogu lepe sitnice su tu da nam podignu moral (koga lazem, kafa je izvrsni direktor ;)))

Kvota slucajnih okolnosti koje me dovode do novih, interesantnih sazanja u isto vreme mi je i fascinantna i zabrinjavajuca (jos uvek u procesu odlucivanja koje od ova dva vise haha :D ). I tako, dok sam ispijala kafu (kisa je ofc i tada padala), zapazila sam genijalnu kombinaciju King Kong-a i nase cenjene Beogradjanke na majici poznanika.

Rec je (ocigledno o mladom domacem brend za koji ja nisam znala #ifIcouldturnbacktime). Dechkotzar: iza vec uber-kul naziva, kriju se jos bolji proizvodi. Majice (postovane dame, cak i musku da uzmete sebi, necete pogresiti), solje, kape, novcanici, asortiman ne prestaje da odusevljava.

Povoljne cene ukombinovane sa dobrom dozom smisla za humor, stilom i kvalitetno odradjenim ilustracijama, jesu glavne karakteristike ovog brenda. Drage moje komsije aka Beogradjani, cak i radnja postoji u nasoj blizni (Gracanicka 16), a za one koji su malo dalje ( ne brinite, nisam vas zaboravila) postoji online prodavnica (scroll-uj do kraja i pronadji link) :D.

Good night you good people, here we are, and it's just Monday night (pretty sure everyone is about to have a busy busy week ahead of them) But as long as we have pretty things around us to keep the morale high we're good to go(who am I kidding, coffee is the executive director of this movie aka life XD).

The amount of random occasions happening to me is both fascinating and unbelievable at the same time (still in the process of deciding which one of those more haha :D).While sippin' on my coffee I noticed the brilliant combination of King Kong and our beloved Beogradjanka (for all of you who don't know: this is one of the tallest buildings in Belgrade) on the T-Shirt of my coffee date.

It seems there is a new fresh label in town (and why didn't I know about this earlier #ifIcouldturnBacktime).Dechkotzar: behind the uber-cool name hide even cooler clothes. T-Shirts (dear ladies, you can feel free to purchase even one or two of the Shirts from the Men's collection, trust me, it is the right choice), beanies, wallets, the wide range of products doesn't stop with the surprises.

Fair prices combined with funny ideas and quality drawings, are the main characteristics of this brand. My dear neighbors, fellow citizens, we even have a store nearby^^(Gracanicka 16). And for all of you who are a bit further away (HA! And there you thought I had forgotten about you ;)), there is even an online store (link down below) :D 

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Sunday, March 13, 2016


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Heyo peeps! Long time no see ( or should I say writing). Weekends have definitely reached the status of #lifegoal XD. Middle of March (yet still surrounded by rain all day every day), here I am sitting with my good ol' green tea, trying to finalize my working papers (welp, not going as fast as I had imagined it). So I thought to myself when in doubt: seek out some inspiration :D

 #CONFESSIONINCOMING: This is the first time that I've spent a few days at home in a long long while. And good lord does it feel good :33. So as you can guess, I am definitely feeling the casual pants combo.

Statement shirt underneath, bomber jacket on top and high-top air force sneakers (which btw make you feel as if you're walking on clouds), basically my life atm *_*. Although it may seem like it doesn't offer enough styling space, with the right blouse and shoes, you can achieve the damn gurl look we all want. ;)

Stay tuned for what's more to come, as I return to my full-time commitment to the blog. 



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