Monday, January 25, 2016


The holidays have passed (and for people like me, school is heating up #homeworkallaround). Yet this one here managed to get the flu (bohooo way to go Alex). That gave me time to think and what's more important ask myself the question: why do we all find January so inspiring?  

Well, it is kind of the Monday of the months and symbolically many relate it to new beginnings and finding peace at the end of the road. Personally, I refer to it as the management time, when I look around, solve out things and overcome fears and problems.

How would I describe my current situation, well let me put it like this: dazed and confused. Is that bad, hell no. Sometimes not knowing what to do can lead you to the right answer. Although it is confusing and annoying, it teaches you an important lesson: Don't you dare not be listening to your gut.

Comprehending everything takes time, but the destination is sure worth the journey. Dramedies, miscellaneous fights and heartbreaks, are what make up the process of growing and evolving. Although crying, worrying and over-thinking sure make us doubt ourselves, they also help us understand certain situations.

And yes for all of you asking out there, I, too, have my ZEN moments. So here ya go good old peps, a glimpse at my brain. My personal guide through the enigma called January.

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