Monday, January 25, 2016


The holidays have passed (and for people like me, school is heating up #homeworkallaround). Yet this one here managed to get the flu (bohooo way to go Alex). That gave me time to think and what's more important ask myself the question: why do we all find January so inspiring?  

Well, it is kind of the Monday of the months and symbolically many relate it to new beginnings and finding peace at the end of the road. Personally, I refer to it as the management time, when I look around, solve out things and overcome fears and problems.

How would I describe my current situation, well let me put it like this: dazed and confused. Is that bad, hell no. Sometimes not knowing what to do can lead you to the right answer. Although it is confusing and annoying, it teaches you an important lesson: Don't you dare not be listening to your gut.

Comprehending everything takes time, but the destination is sure worth the journey. Dramedies, miscellaneous fights and heartbreaks, are what make up the process of growing and evolving. Although crying, worrying and over-thinking sure make us doubt ourselves, they also help us understand certain situations.

And yes for all of you asking out there, I, too, have my ZEN moments. So here ya go good old peps, a glimpse at my brain. My personal guide through the enigma called January.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Motivating yourself to work out can be rough sometimes. Either it is the environment (the gym, can be terrifying, I know first hand) or the insecurities that come through and block us from doing it right. My favorite tactic for escaping these traps... well, cute workout apparel and details. Don't lose your color, and always play with cuts that hug your figure. For bras it is important to find your right support ( and don't ya be there pushing it up when you don't have to), recently even more colorful, quality support bra are available (as shown by Mara Hoffman). So here you are, take your time, find some inspiration and have fun combining. I hope this will be as much fun for you as it is for me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Ove nedelje, posto pretpostavljam da i vi, kao i ja, idalje aktivno pratite svoje odluke za novu godinu, vodim vas na jedno od mojih "zdrava hrana-teretana" mesta ( i da, trenutno se aktivno ostvaruju fitness planovi kod mene). Iako naziv mozda deluje smesno, Super Donkey je idealno mesto za sveze cedjeni sok za poneti, ili dnevnu dozu zelenisa #salatice. Locirano u srcu Vracara (Krunska 26), a slucajno otkriveno od strane mene tokom stenje za vreme pauze (i nema osudjivanja ljudi, tako ja to radim XD). A, ako ste taman pomislili da je to sve, e pa, Super Donkey krije jos jedno iznenadjenje u sebi... PSSSTTT... PPSSSSSSSTTTT, delom je i prodavnica, i verujte mi vredno posete #aleksapproved

 This week, since I know you're all gonna be in the New Year's resolutions phase, I thought I'd give you one of my "Feeling healthy" places, ideal for re-energizing and grabbing something delicious on the go. It's name is pretty funny I must admit. Super Donkey, a small yet,well decorated place, located in the center of Vracar (Krunska 26 ), and yes, I discovered it while I had a free period during school (don't judge me XD). Salads, fresh pressed green and fruit juices, all in all your Vitamin bomb for on the go, or little rest ;). Be sure to check it out, and who knows, maybe you'll see me there (if you do, say HI :D). No, peps, it does NOT just offer healthy food, it is also partly a store, and trust you me, it is GOOD #aleksapproved.

P.S. Be prepared, cuz next week I'm taking you on an exotic adventure... located in the center of BG ;D

Photos: Google images

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Brand new year = brand new monthly obsessions. This month I stumbled across the Kate for Rimmel shades. The two that really caught my eye are number 40 and 43. Although light, now some of you might think I can't wear that, welp, #yesyesyoucan, they are the perfect subtle highlight of your make up. My personal tip for using this lipstick (which btw stays on the whole day), go for a bold eye make up and balance it out with one of these neutrals. You'll be ready to dance the night away and an eye-catcher for sure.

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