Monday, December 28, 2015


Yep, that's a lot of color we've got here. The Resort 2016 collections are all about mix and match, yet still giving us the right amount of balance. Color blocking is back, but always go for the golden rule two colors, don't over-do it with three. Sparkle away, don't run away from it, embrace your inner diva, bring it in with your bag, shoes or even the dress itself ;).

Ruffles all around!! An oldie, but a true goldie, this trend is a must (it can even be found in elements of the shoes, so you should definitely try out the classy sassy look). Ah, denim my love, you are still with me, as you can tell it is even the right choice for a girly look ( come to the dark side, be a tom boy, #punintended, yep, you got me, Star Wars fan here :D)

Let us sum up, yes we have ruffles, trimmed edges, color explosions, daring combinations, denim love <3, all in all, 2016 doesn't look bad at all. If you run into me, I'll probably be wearing my denim skirt, or playing around with colored pants and blouses, and yes I know it's still winter season, but hey, that doesn't mean stop wearing colors. New blog posts will be online soon

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