Friday, November 13, 2015


It all started with one book for me, simply titled: Egypt. Beneath its colorful covers it hid even more intricate papyrus drawings and symbols. With all the images of the ancient ruins, the pyramids and stone carvings, one of my #lifegoals was visiting all that... recently even that dream became reality. :D

That is why the current exhibition, held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is very special to me. Showing the reunification of Egypt, by the first pharaoh of the Middle Kingdom, it illustrates an era of prosperity, artistic, religious, cultural and political traditions, revived from the old Kingdom. Which (may I add) lasted for almost four hundred years.

With 230 pieces guiding you through this historical beauty, it should for sure be on your cultural adventure list. Lucky for all of us it ends on January 24 2016 (YAAAYYYY, enough time to go check it out)

All photos and further information can be found on the website of the Metropolitan museum of Art

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