Saturday, November 28, 2015


Oh, this was a long, long, cold day, winter why are you so cruel?? Many of us almost get lost in their winter jackets, drowning in thick jumpers, wool coats and a sea of scarves. As a result (even I have this problem) we stop putting outfit together, and give it less thought.
In most cases I even approve of this #bein'real, but as well believe that with small but statement details every look can be polished up, and automatically looks more put together ;D
Try it yourself, my accessory of the day: lacy choker, beaded, with smaller pearls (can be found in Belgrade, handmade), what will be yours the question is now?

Photos by: @hopelesswanderer on instagram

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Greetings all you wonderful people out there, here we are, already in the middle of November ( but still can't believe the fact that the weather is sooo beautiful).

This month became even better yesterday (and yes, it has definitely to do something with all the prettiness in the pictures). There is this one obsession of mine (just that little one XD) with handmade stuff, so when I got invited to the store opening of one of the most prestigious companies in Belgrade, you can imagine how happy I was.

Using only natural ingredients, like cocoa and shea butter, this small family business, makes all your dreams come true. Available in all sorts of colors, scents and sizes, their products are the Sunday night bubble bath companions we all want and need :3 

Located now in the center of Belgrade (Mutapova 51) it is even easier for you to hop by (and I have to say, you can't get lost, always follow the nice scent of their pumpkin spice soap, from the current fall line ^^)

Oh, and just when you think things can't get any better...BOOM!!!... There will also be a beauty salon downstairs, so you can imagine where I'll be on Fridays. Be sure to check 'em out and tell me what you think.

All pictures by me: instagram: @alex.tomasevic
twitter: @agitatrixblog

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Colorful dresses, short shorts and even shorter rompers, sky-high booties, heels, crazy colors and hippies, what do tall these words have in common?
THE 70s

Last night I was feeling like a true seventies babe (but without the crazy hair XD)
In order to achieve this look one must look out for the right prints. Play around with hoop earrings and big golden bracelets. The key elements are still THE SHOES, chunky heels my ladies, can't go without those. I opted for a pair of Tod's, a combination of beige and black.

When it comes to beauty, always go for the shimmering eye shadows (I recommend the MAC backed eye shadows) and bold lips (Collistar Lip stain). Do't ever leave your nails out of the game. Color them in metalic colors (like the OPI Starlight collection) and you my dear are good to go.


Photos: by me-Instagram: @alex.tomasevic

Friday, November 13, 2015


Source: Youtube


It all started with one book for me, simply titled: Egypt. Beneath its colorful covers it hid even more intricate papyrus drawings and symbols. With all the images of the ancient ruins, the pyramids and stone carvings, one of my #lifegoals was visiting all that... recently even that dream became reality. :D

That is why the current exhibition, held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is very special to me. Showing the reunification of Egypt, by the first pharaoh of the Middle Kingdom, it illustrates an era of prosperity, artistic, religious, cultural and political traditions, revived from the old Kingdom. Which (may I add) lasted for almost four hundred years.

With 230 pieces guiding you through this historical beauty, it should for sure be on your cultural adventure list. Lucky for all of us it ends on January 24 2016 (YAAAYYYY, enough time to go check it out)

All photos and further information can be found on the website of the Metropolitan museum of Art