Monday, October 26, 2015


Fall...the season of rain, hot teas, good books, midnight strolls (instagram perfection may I add), friendly get togethers and somehow it also has the tendency to be the season of darker shades. But, come on people, have all the colors left us yet???

The answer is NO. As shown by many of our dearest designers, the color game is the strongest ever. The focus is on the mix and match, so we shall embrace it! Even classical forms are given a new look and edge. From 20s to 70s (even a bit of 50s) style, glamour and decadence is present in the new collections.

It is all in the pops of color, to make a good outfit complete.
For my neutral color loving ones out there,try adding a colored clutch, or layering a colored coat over (you can even layer a #fake fur coat, but make sure it is not real fur, we don't want hurt animals). Now, we all know I love me some good pair of flared pants, this season I have the official permission to wear them again. The influence of the 70s is strong in these ones. Pants, shirts and bags, watch out ladies and be sure to try out!

For all my brave, mix and match divas and idols, be bold, color coordinate and feel free to add a personal touch(for me that are always the shoes^^). Colored jumpers, stripes, dots... embrace it, and share your pop via instagram with the hashtag #popagitatrix.

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