Saturday, October 17, 2015


BOUNGIORNO! Long rides, far away destinations and the struggle to fit as much as possible activities in the smallest time frame, we all know it...the struggle with travel. 
Since this was my second travel to Italy, it was much more relaxed (and may I say it we didn't get lost that many times). Whether it's Florence with it's crowded streets, always full (and sometimes too expensive) restaurants and multicultural vibe, Rome, the historically most significant city, heaven for explorers (and cheapskates) and gellatto kingdom, or Sienna, a at first glance quiet, non significant city, but once you take a deeper look at it, you will be surprised how many little wonders it hides. 
All in all, a travel filled with laughter, get togethers, and most important, spent with le SQUAD. Not to forget, THE FOOD (food porn coming right here), authentic Pizza and Pasta dishes, combined with home made cheese and not to forget the delicious prosciutto, make Italy a culinary experience (my tip of the day, always look for restaurants located in alleys and smaller streets, usually there is no coperto required and the prices are realistic). Tell me something about your travels and share pics with the hashtag #agitatrixadventures.
All photos by me-instagram:@alex.tomasevic

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