Saturday, August 1, 2015


You heard me right, the time has finally come for my #belgradeconfidential weekly updates about the newest and hottest locations my hometown has to offer.

Today we're kicking it off with two of the coolest place for all my coffee and tea lovers ('cuz you know coffee is my staple piece)

The first one was discovered by me during a recent stroll around town, Zona Industriale is located in Njegoseva street (numero 49). What it has to offer, you ask me? With an authentic industrial vibe and a nice pop of color, it is the perfect place to just sit back and rest after a discovery tour through Bg. This combined with their dreamlike cappuccinos and fresh pressed juice (not to forget that their prices are fairly cheap, when compared to some other, not so nice cafes), makes it a double win. Be sure to check it out during your next stay in town.

P.S. What most people don't know, you can find this bar on two other locations in the city (Andre Nikolica 7 and 25.maj).

The other hot spot, for all my hipsters out there is Coffee Room Palace (Toplicin venac 17). With a slightly shabby chic atmosphere and charming interior, it makes the cakes there taste even better. Oh, wait, did I almost forget to mention all the cakes, pastries and ice cream they offer too, oh sorry, my bad. I'm definitely daring you to try the chocolate tart there, it's heaven in a cake form (tastes best when you order an espresso together with it)

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