Monday, December 28, 2015


Yep, that's a lot of color we've got here. The Resort 2016 collections are all about mix and match, yet still giving us the right amount of balance. Color blocking is back, but always go for the golden rule two colors, don't over-do it with three. Sparkle away, don't run away from it, embrace your inner diva, bring it in with your bag, shoes or even the dress itself ;).

Ruffles all around!! An oldie, but a true goldie, this trend is a must (it can even be found in elements of the shoes, so you should definitely try out the classy sassy look). Ah, denim my love, you are still with me, as you can tell it is even the right choice for a girly look ( come to the dark side, be a tom boy, #punintended, yep, you got me, Star Wars fan here :D)

Let us sum up, yes we have ruffles, trimmed edges, color explosions, daring combinations, denim love <3, all in all, 2016 doesn't look bad at all. If you run into me, I'll probably be wearing my denim skirt, or playing around with colored pants and blouses, and yes I know it's still winter season, but hey, that doesn't mean stop wearing colors. New blog posts will be online soon

Sunday, December 27, 2015


So it is officially holiday season, and with all the cookies, family and friend gatherings, it is also time to spread some love and think about the right gifts for your loved ones. Personally, for me it is not about the number or size of the gifts, first and foremost I always think about what represents each of my friends, from scented candles, earring, to bohemian bracelets (for the indie rock chicks such as myself), sexy lingerie (for my naturally always seductive girls), jumpers, scarves and suitcases for the travelers (I hope that you will read this and automatically now who you are <3).
It is about finding the right detail for the right personality, here are the things I have chosen, with additional links where to find them.. Lots of love, and happy holidays






All can be found on: Asos, Net-a-Porter
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Thursday, December 24, 2015




Whether we talk about ripped, skinny, wide leg or boyfriend, you can't get it wrong this winter with your denim choice. From classy, paired with a cozy nude or colored sweater, or over-knee boots, to the edgy combo, black fringe leather booties (which I am btw obsessing over atm), cropped sweaters or statement shirts with a nice beanie on top, denim is easy to combine and suitable for every occasion. Definitely try not going to cray cray with your mix and match, stick to two colors, and maybe even try out the current trend of the statement coat, then you should be good to go. Send me your denim style, either via twitter or e-mail at:

Photos found on google images, all right remain to their respectable owners

Monday, December 21, 2015


Aren't we all tired of the same old hotels? Dark hallways, standardized rooms (though, I must admit, 100% cotton sheets, pillows filled with feathers and beds we all wished for our bedrooms, that are the best parts :3).

I guess you can imagine my happiness when I found something that is Comfort + subtle luxury + nature all around. You must have dreamed of such a thing that is what most of you is going to say (I thought that myself at first), but I am talking about the Treehotel. To escape the busy lifestyle, forget about time restrictions and take a moment to focus on yourself and your well-being, is what this hotel offers.

Combining modern minimalistic design with the latest ecological innovations, this hotel has become an essential part of the forest located near the small village of Harads (yes, it is located in Sweden :D). The accommodations vary from the bird nest to the UFO, and with fairly cheap prices, it is the ideal destination for your next adventure with friends or family. (scroll down for the Serbian version ;))

Nismo li se svi do sada zasitili regularnih hotela? Standardizovani, slabo osvetljeni hodnici, iako komforne, uvek tipizirane sobe (mada, iskreno, hotelska 100% pamucna posteljina, perjani jastuci i duseci koje svi zelimo u svojoj sobi, to su dobre strane :3).

Zato, mozete zamisliti moje odusevljenje kada sam pronasla nesto sto nudi komfor + suptilni osecaj luksuza + prirodu svuda oko nas.Ma sanjala si to, reci ce vecina XD (sto sam i ja prvo pomislila), ali rec je o Treehotel-u. Pobeci od uzurbanosti danasnjice, zaboraviti na vreme i ugrabiti par trenutaka samo za sebe, jeste ono sto nudi ovaj hotel.

Kombinujuci moderni, minimalisticki pristup dizajnu sa svetskim standardima ekologije, ovaj hotel predstavlja sastavni deo sume nedaleko od ususkanog mestasca Harads (dap, BINGO! Naravno, hotel lociran je u Svedskoj). Ponuda varira izmedju smestaja po imenu pticje gnezdo sve do NLO-a, i sa pristupacnim cenama moze biti idealna destinacija za nezaboravnu avanturu sa prijateljima.


Source: Youtube

Sunday, December 20, 2015


We all want to look polished (if ya know what I mean) 24/7365 days a year. For me, in order to achieve that polished style one must start from scratch: the nails.

I am not going to lie, I am the first one when it comes to running around with chipped nail polish #sadtruth. Therefore, I like using OPI, they just stay longer because of their good formulation.

This time, they enchanted me with their Starlight collection *_*. Metallic, metallic and even more metallic, sounds like heaven to me. Subtle colors, yet still noticeable add the right touch to every single outfit of yours. Be sure to give 'em a try.


Photos: Opi website, all right remain to their respectable owners

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Addictive, seductive, confident, what do they all have in common? Yeah, you guessed right, they can all come from wearing the right fragrance. Parfume is the invisible, yet finishing touch to every girls routine. Recently, I've found my dream one *_* 

Intoxicating is how I would best describe  Black Opium (and I for sure got my dose of it, #punintended). With it's rich, yet not too strong scent, it is easy to wear. It's daring combination of coffee, vanilla and white flower sure makes my inner mysterious, seductive wildchild come out and play.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Oh, this was a long, long, cold day, winter why are you so cruel?? Many of us almost get lost in their winter jackets, drowning in thick jumpers, wool coats and a sea of scarves. As a result (even I have this problem) we stop putting outfit together, and give it less thought.
In most cases I even approve of this #bein'real, but as well believe that with small but statement details every look can be polished up, and automatically looks more put together ;D
Try it yourself, my accessory of the day: lacy choker, beaded, with smaller pearls (can be found in Belgrade, handmade), what will be yours the question is now?

Photos by: @hopelesswanderer on instagram