Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Dior Highlights...

Empowerment instead of tearing down, helping instead of neglecting, take a moment let the deep thoughts sink in and remember fashion can also transfer valuable messages! 

I would feel like a detective on a mission!

Biggest crave! 

My dream outfit for the future, boss lady much?

A modern day grunge with the class...

The best use of denim I have so far seen, and who doesn't wear it honestly?

As you know so far I keep an close eye on my school work, but an even closer one on fashion! Since Paris Fashion Week has started with a bang I thought it was about time to honor one of the houses that made me, the tomboy discover that it is okay to dress like a modern day classic beauty... Thank You very much for that Dior

Showcasing strong, yet subtle messages across your wardrobe (we should be a strong sisterhood),Dior married classic cuts with modernity and proved us once again that a T-Shirt with the right accessories can make you go from plain-Jane to style heroine in a second. Not only am I craving those over sized belts, the jumpsuit that resembles the ones used in commando squads has done the rest... Like at Max Mara, the Vinyl trend made its way also in here and honestly, the more the merrier,keep them coming dear designers! (dying for the coats in picture 2)

What's your highlight? I ranted long enough and just want to wish you a joyful Thursday, mine is all about the afternoon, with lessons and a bit of free time for long walks!


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