Thursday, February 7, 2019

Life updates & more....

The month of January, a month intended to let you ease into the new year (or at least it should), is usually the most stressful period a student can have, you either have exams scheduled in advance for January, like me, or you are dealing with the leftovers of the past year. Either way, it's more like university books than romantic novels. In my opinion 2 passed quite well, the results already out, the other two, well hopefully they did too. For me, my classes  start soon and it is time to catch up on the things you've missed out, so we're starting off with New Year's Eve.

My holidays, of course, spent far far away from Milanese streets and excitement, back home where all the wonders were already awaiting me... It was all the food, all the laughter and all the love of my dog you would expect it to be. Being really old now, he can barely manage to walk around, but remains a sophisticated companion, keeping the whole family busy whilst commanding from his lounge chair.

The traditions, fireworks, 5 kg piece of meat prepared traditionally in a wood oven and of course the complementary traditional dishes didn't just bring a smile to my face this year, but also to the person I hold dear to my heart.

I decided to finally make a bold step, instead of locking myself in the house like almost every year, I went out, not just anywhere; a boat + the Danube was what I opted for. It was a beautiful night and something to recommend anyone who is looking for the great adventure in Belgrade!

The boat, although playing out pop music, was filled with a surprising amount of tourists, and although my photos aren't really the best, I think they show how much fun I had quite accurately!



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