Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I tried the sports look...

We've seen them dress ugly, sparkly, remodeled and in sports wear that slays for a night out, so I thought why not give it a try for one of my nights out and about with friends.. I tried the luxurious sportswear trend & this is what happened.

I I was very comfortable (and that all night).... Nothing to think or even worry about, as soft as my favorite sweatpants and the cycling shorts even made my legs look good. But what took a bit longer to figure out was the make up and hair situation. After consulting the number one guru out there (Google duh!), KKW served the ideal inspiration. You want texture, you want it long and you want to wear it down (I mean the hair). So playing with it on your own or putting in relaxed curves with a straightener or curler will do the trick (now this second thing is already advanced, not even I have mastered it completely)

II Instead of neon, I went for red accents... I kept it classic, like in the most famous pictures we have seen, black & white, but with a relaxed over-sized jacket in red on top. Another way you can add color is with the right bag, and if you are into neon lately, like the rest of the famous family, time to look at the newest blogger trend, the Prada bags...

Some of their new models I like 

III Let;s talk about how other's look at you... Since this was tested out on the grounds of my home town , there is a lot to tell. The craze has reached us too here in Serbia. While a few years ago you would have been looked at a bit worried and weird, now it is completely normal, more so, even seen as the standard of the fashionable & rich. Many are trying to imitate this style, some fail, some succeed, but what matters is wearing something you are comfortable in.

After testing this out, I have to say I was glad I chose to test out such a relaxed trend. My sneakers are my favorites, the most comfortable thing I own, so I didn't really struggle much. But,I know that some people almost get suffocated by their to tight leggings/shorts or compression wear, so watch out, we are human after all, not sausages. 

Will I wear it again? Most likely yes, I am very relaxed in my private down time, my friends and I enjoy casual nights, as much as we do going out to a club, so for me it isn't a momentum, it is a standard used often. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to try out any other trend you are unsure of! Lots of love


Sources: @alex.tomasevic (all rights reserved); Prada website (all rights remain to their respectful owners)

Outfit: Blouse & Shorts - Vintage finds; Shoes - Converse

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