Sunday, March 18, 2018


We all know those ones in a lifetime struggles, where should I go look for it, what shape fits me, do they have my favorite color and (the queen of questions) do they have my size. Often what brings us to the verge of desperation is not even that, but the moment you finally seem to like something AND discover the price that you would like to see arrive in your bank accounts, rather than leaving it.

That is why this week I partnered up with Promshop Australia to supply you with the latest fashion, from Ball Gown Wedding Dresses  to Mini Flower Girl Dresses they covered all.

For me the most interesting part are the evening gowns, be it short, midi or long (my personal eye-catchers the red section), you can pick your style from a wide variety, making you feel really like a princess. In Serbia one of the main problems when dress shopping (often even making problems when it comes to the biggest day in a girl's life: the wedding day) are the unreal priced offers most boutiques make for not so creative designs. For this, Promshop represents a great alternative. Be it a classical white wedding dress, or a more modern one, a ready for the beach vibe their models reach wide.  

Another fantastic thing is that you are not limited when it comes to sizing. They are easily customized while putting your desired object in the cart (the fee is proportionally small). What you should calculate in is that you don't just have the shipping time as wait time, be smart, order in advance, because there is also some tailoring left to be done.

Currently discounts have reached an all-time low! And we all know what that means: Shop till you (or your credit card) drop. In case that your prom night is going down in a few months, you should pay it a visit, who knows maybe they have just what you envisioned, but for half the price.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend, as for me, I will be reconnecting shortly, wish me luck, because my exams won't be easy on me!

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