Monday, September 10, 2018

Girls, Bars and Outfits

So my summer came to an end, I am back at Uni, sitting here with my giant laptop, typing both notes and the blog, trying to find the right catch phrase for every article and the right angles for pictures. As you may have seen on my stories so far, I did manage to sneak in a few worthy nights next to the river, new places, and well fresh outfit ideas that are easy to copy and well, fully on trend!

I like my storytelling to be primarily through pictures, they after all do the best talking! It was a blast, but also the joy of finally being back at uni, moving into my very own apartment (no noisy neighbors like in the residence), and of course what is to come make my commute a yearly success story!

A place you should definitely try out when visiting Belgrade is definitely Toro Latin GastroBar, one of the few places that will find you a table even when you don't necessarily have a reservation. The food oriented towards  the Spanish culture, together with the cocktail list (a la passion being my favorite thus far) make this a really great place for girl nights!

It wouldn't be Belgrade if ti weren't for the fireworks

How we do night outs


My outfit is simple yet stylish, the roman sandals give it an edge, the shorts are Babaton and the denim button shirt is vintage, still dating from approx. the era of my mother going clubbing, but since these styles are experiencing a revival, it is very modern now!

Outfit: Shorts - Babaton; Shirt - Vintage; Shoes - Vintage; 
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Friday, September 7, 2018

Song Of The Day

Elderbrook - Sleepwalking 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I tried the sports look...

We've seen them dress ugly, sparkly, remodeled and in sports wear that slays for a night out, so I thought why not give it a try for one of my nights out and about with friends.. I tried the luxurious sportswear trend & this is what happened.

I I was very comfortable (and that all night).... Nothing to think or even worry about, as soft as my favorite sweatpants and the cycling shorts even made my legs look good. But what took a bit longer to figure out was the make up and hair situation. After consulting the number one guru out there (Google duh!), KKW served the ideal inspiration. You want texture, you want it long and you want to wear it down (I mean the hair). So playing with it on your own or putting in relaxed curves with a straightener or curler will do the trick (now this second thing is already advanced, not even I have mastered it completely)

II Instead of neon, I went for red accents... I kept it classic, like in the most famous pictures we have seen, black & white, but with a relaxed over-sized jacket in red on top. Another way you can add color is with the right bag, and if you are into neon lately, like the rest of the famous family, time to look at the newest blogger trend, the Prada bags...

Some of their new models I like 

III Let;s talk about how other's look at you... Since this was tested out on the grounds of my home town , there is a lot to tell. The craze has reached us too here in Serbia. While a few years ago you would have been looked at a bit worried and weird, now it is completely normal, more so, even seen as the standard of the fashionable & rich. Many are trying to imitate this style, some fail, some succeed, but what matters is wearing something you are comfortable in.

After testing this out, I have to say I was glad I chose to test out such a relaxed trend. My sneakers are my favorites, the most comfortable thing I own, so I didn't really struggle much. But,I know that some people almost get suffocated by their to tight leggings/shorts or compression wear, so watch out, we are human after all, not sausages. 

Will I wear it again? Most likely yes, I am very relaxed in my private down time, my friends and I enjoy casual nights, as much as we do going out to a club, so for me it isn't a momentum, it is a standard used often. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to try out any other trend you are unsure of! Lots of love


Sources: @alex.tomasevic (all rights reserved); Prada website (all rights remain to their respectful owners)

Outfit: Blouse & Shorts - Vintage finds; Shoes - Converse

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Being Aleks

In the meantime, I turned into a meme
 Closing Coke Summership

Is also about facing realities. Somehow, I often trust in the not so visible force that is cosmic karma, you know, give and receive, believe; achieve and all the other sentences so often quoted by gurus, wannabes and well even sugar babes (this example really does exist in nature). It actually gave a lesson back to me two weeks ago, a glimpse into people & the work environment we all want to be Constantine the Great in...

This was my summer, I claimed it for myself, spent endless numbers of flights, but I finally had it, my big opportunity to work in a multinational company (and it indeed was hard work). I do believe it was a class I had to attend, in today's world, where finding a job, beating the competition and working on oneself are climbing new peaks and putting us in front of even greater challenges, it sure helps to clear the myths and question the reality that surrounds us.

So I decided it was a good time to reflect on the lessons I've learned. Rejections, senza feedback or even not accepted, but please try next year, welcome to the four wisdom you will most likely need while on the hunt for a job/experience in the real world...

I It doesn't always go smooth...Was the exact sentence I thought of when I got rejection letters (a tone of them), at first very shocked, sometimes even sad. You know how easily I got attached to an idea, it made it 10x harder, because for some of the offers, I could truly see myself working there. Others were due to the Passport I possess, and the climax of it all, due to reasons that will forever be unknown, (which brings us to another point)...

II It is better to stay in the dark when it comes to certain things (and you most likely will, without your consent at first...)... Curiosity, a trait of us people, what killed the cat, however you may want to call it, for me: A BIG BLESSING. Although having a clear analysis of what went wrong before your eyes is a helpful factor for self-improvement, what really turned out to be a good practice for me was introspection. You might say now: There is no way I know all the answers. When actually you were consciously ignoring them, seeing them, but not reacting.  Stay positive, think, but don't overthink, just give yourself the manager talk you deserve!

III You can broaden your search (it doesn't bite back!)... I used to say, there was one work environment I can see myself working in. Two years later, I see that what is in one, translates into other areas easily. Values, tasks, teams and deadlines, exist in various sectors, but what makes it special is that through today's hectic work environment your position collaborates, explores and mixes & matches. Cross-functionality is the key, so I say, go for it, or the offer that sounds fun to you, mine did to me, and it brought a lot of joy throughout the whole experience!

IV Prepare yourself( and I don't just mean your CV document XD)... It is maybe the biggest conclusion I've come to so far, but impressions matter (and I don't mean just clothes). What I am trying to point at is the way you express your opinions. Writing a CV, cover letter, or filling in a questionnaire online is just the first step. In interviews, there is no right or wrong, there is you, your opinions, values, critical thinking and work ethic. Be open, don't brag and do practice, ask your friends about their experiences and opinions, it helps, it will bring you into your comfort zone way faster!

I worked in Coca Cola HBC, learned about new things, useful in everyday job activities and well, got to take on responsibility, lead (smaller projects), got to collaborate, but not all are fortunate enough to get such a grand chance and mentor. I hope that cosmic witch will help you just like it did me! What is left to say is, do whatever is in your power, that you should push forward, question & think max. 2 steps ahead. Be it just an internship or a fixed position, attack it full force! Now, have a lovely weekend my dears and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below or to address them via mail @!


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Photo credits: Goshke Photo

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Song Of The Day

Crooked Colors - I'll be There

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Monday, August 20, 2018


Welcome to Romania!

I didn't lie about the chandeliers... 

A very relaxed Aleksandra...

Linea closer to the Moon

Linea closer to the Moon - a nice place, for a even nicer evening

Another trip of mine I am very proud of! Even tho it was end of exam season, with only a few left (a few stressful ones that is), I managed to sneak in a bit of quality time with a person I hold dear, for exactly two days we left Italy behind us and escaped to the land of Dracula's, beer, and well, a Serbian border on one side XD... By now you might know which country I'm referring to, but of course the caption already gave it away!

Although, the overall impressions might be somewhat different from a town worth a visit, it did have it's charms and there are things worth seeing. The parliament is a building you cannot miss (and I mean literally), it is one gigantic building, with even grander chandeliers in it, not to mention that you should definitely take a picture from the balcony, you actually get to feel like a victor. The streets are almost endless, so especially in the heat it was intense to walk around. Luckily, my dear friends recommended a few places worth visiting, and they indeed did not disappoint. Linea closer to the Moon, a bar/restaurant, partly self-service (the food part that is) is an ideal location to spend an evening! Now, you might wanna go on google and see for yourself the beauty that is SARMALE, and then when you come there, straight to Restaurant hanul berarilor (casa soare) to get the best one out there!

When it comes to hotels, I shall dare to say the Marriott was fine, but beware and don't accept advance-payment requests for mini bars in your room (in our case, that was even before we had seen it)! Internet might also not be included in your room bill, so be sure to double-check that as well! Now, when it comes to people, although at times a bit difficult to approach, you will most likely experience good service (not to mention good food!)

What;'s  left to say is that in less than two weeks, I will be live broadcasting again from my seconda casa, yep, and you might just also get a glimpse of my new apartment there, it actually makes me already so excited, that I will finally experience the perks of having your own place!

I wish you all the best moments of an ending summer, and may your new work period start with only successes!


My looks in the pictures: Zara ; Pull & Bear

Monday, June 25, 2018

Agita's sustainable fashion corner

Being more aware of your surrounding, treating it properly and not losing your sense of style while doing all that? Indeed, it is possible, and all trends point us toward what is known as sustainable fashion. New tech innovations, materials and imitations that almost look real have made it possible.

I myself like to embrace it, from some of my Eco-leather look-a-like jackets, to bags that could even trick a pros eyes, I'll be showing you today some of my favorite brands to shop, as well as a special something on bloglovin that you should really check out!

A year ago I discovered this brand called Matt & Nat, their simple, yet powerful motto (Live beautifully) seems to perfectly fit with mine, I am kind of craving every single one of their handbags. (even their backpacks are made beautifully, and can even be found on Asos!)

Now, imagine you want an outdoor adventure (I myself am very fond of running and spending time outdoors), I think the best companion is Patagonia! Now this one, it was even brought up several times during my courses at uni, in case you forgot, I am a student of management, so of course they were mentioned as a very successful company. Their outdoor jackets (that come with special types of insurances), are according to me possibly the best ones out there, and not to mention that in my free time there is always a Patagonia T-Shirt I wear (mm, hello, not to forget the hoodies)

I know you've seen this brand around so much (I mean Instagram trending much) and you might didn't know it, but it is a sustainable one too. Of course, I'm talking about Reformation! Their cloths will bring out the Italian goddess in you within seconds, and since by now everyone knows my biggest obsession is with jumpsuits I made a small selection of the ones I covet, one short, one long, you choose!

All rights remain to their respectful owners. Photo sources: Reformation, Patagonia, Matt&Nat

Song Of The Day

Disciples - Athiest

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

L'Oreal Pro Night Out

Recently I refreshed my hair color, but not in the old blonde ways I usually do, instead with subtle gold and pink tones. L'Oreal was to thank for! It was truly a hair fashion night and also the promotion of the newest temporary color options L'Oreal Pro has developed. The colors are, I can already tell, gonna be used for a wide variety of festival styles (there are so pigmented and vibrant even when they dry out), and there is no need to worry, since they disappear after one washing!

I decided to stay true to myself and the hairdresser did the rest, we opted for a boxer vibe, two big braids, easily done within minutes, with finishing touches in gold and pink. Grant parrucchieri is one of the most trustworthy hair salons I have seen in Milan so far (they also style Veronica Ferraro, whom I'm a very huge fan of), the atmosphere was amazing, it wasn't just a hair appointment, it was a party! With good food, cocktails, and even better hairstyles what could actually go wrong? (Nothing of course...)

(me, well, just being myself XD)

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Outfit in the post: Shirt - Vintage; Shorts - Bought in a cute little boutique in Greece; Shoes  - Converse;

Monday, June 18, 2018

Frankfurt Calling

(in love with my shirt)

Frankfurt, what pops up in your mind as I mention this is most likely the European Central Bank, a picture of a finance center in general, and well, this weekend you could have caught me there as well!

After more than three years, it was time for me (and my German skills) to once again revisit the city and enjoy its flair and river side. I almost had forgotten how at home I actually feel in Germany. Fun fact is, German is my second mother tongue. After absorbing and listening to kid's TV shows for half a year on their channels, I randomly started speaking it at age 2 (and haven't stopped since).

Brunches are my favorite thing in the world, especially if there is also a buffet section (yes, why yes, I do live for the hotel all inclusive lifestyle). My search in Frankfurt resulted in a wonderful one at Cron am Hafen! The offer includes a coffee or tea and lots of sweet and salty things to choose from!

I love that the city is so active, everyone is either on their bicycles or going for a run. For me long walks next to the river side are essential, also the bridges are ideal for picture taking, the weather served me well and I finally put on some shorts, as well as my new shirt from Esprit that I recently purchased, and later when I get hungry... let me ask you, do you know What's beef?

I also just found out, a diner style venue with heavenly burgers, the menu offers a wide variety (and even sweet potato fries as side options). I chose a very extravagant one as the picture might tell. What really makes this restaurant special is actually the shakes they offer, I discovered the amazing pictures on Instagram and really craved one, but keep in mind it takes longer for them to be made. Another big bonus is that one can watch soccer while eating there!

Dear Frankfurt, thank you for keeping me busy this weekend, and I hope to see you soon! Now, I am back in Milan, slowly packing up my stuff and preparing for yet another move! 

Photos: All rights reserved by @alex.tomasevic
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Outfit in the post: Shirt - Esprit ; Shorts - bought in Greece in a super small store :D; Slippers - Zara

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


While preparing for exams there is nothing more relaxing to me than being able to just hop on my bicycle and take myself out for the thing I crave most once a day: COFFEE... You know me, I am usually the tea advocate in this corner, but sometimes you just have your Gilmore Girls moments, where you have to have a latte macchiato or a cappuccino (we've all been there, and also watching the Gilmore Girls reboot wasn't maybe the smartest idea XD).

Being in Italy makes things thus far more easier, I mean helloooo, coffee is a religion here, and I decided to join in on the servings. In these two years of studying here the only thing I am not joining in is the drinking coffee while standing (if you are like me from the Balkans, hour long coffee time is kind of the norm you grow up with, am not really planning on changing that). 

What else do we need? Well, a good read to join in on the fun. My new goal for this year was to read one or two books a week, and I did manage to keep my promise. As I got older, as the school obligations accelerated the time for reading more kind of minimized itself, but it is a healthy way for the brain to reset itself and just have a little break. My coffee table includes mostly classics, some modern day literature and other bits and pieces.

The personal favorites of the moment are Demian by Hermann Hesse, The Picture of Dorian Gray, followed by some business and development books like Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg, what I find particularly interesting is actually books about the development and structures of languages and cognitive functions of the brain, since an early age I have been kind of obsessed with these topics, even today I like to research even more on them, that is, when my time allows to do so. I have to say Thinking Fast and Slow (one of my most recent reads) has definitely been a book I couldn't put down and it came in handy during all of my airport time.

I do think we spend so much time on the internet (mysteriously we always find time for that), that it can only be considered fair to drop that phone of yours and indulge in a bit of printed work. For me, one of the best sites is Bookdepository, from school books to fiction, fantasy, arts, cooking and self-development they provided me with all I needed with just one klick. Here in Italy it is hard to find books in English, and when you do, well, the Italian already put a grand price to it as well! The site was kind of my knight in shinning armor! I have also left you the links to my favorite books of the moment in case you happen to like those topics too! I have one more exam to go, so wish me luck and stay tuned for the newest adventures on the blog!


Friday, May 4, 2018

A cruise with Chanel...

Ever since I was little my mum used to feed my curiosity with all of these fashion magazines. I started with the German Petra, went on with Vogue America, thrived the clothes of Harper's Bazaar and lots more. That is exactly how my Chanel obsession started... The signature cut, bold mix and timeless sense of independent, chic femininity (I kind of nailed the description there) always pushed me to work harder, get educated just to one day be able to buy my mum the bag she always wanted (and deserved).

I took a look at their newest Cruise collection and I fell in love with it (it sure was a true cruise down the runway), I included my favorite looks here from the show. I think this is a good start into a weekend, but make sure to let me know what your favorite looks are!


Get inspired on their website! @Chanel
Photo source: WWD