Saturday, July 9, 2016


It's SUMMER, sun + the beach and small, smaller, a bikini. Where to eat, where to s

sleep, what to book and see, our main questions these days, but do NOT, I repeat, do NOT start to panic, we all still have our smartphones with us.

In an era of internet domination it is hard not to start using it even for planning your vacation.
Travel apps, many out there, but as many bad ones too. So, how to know which ones are HOT from those that are NOT.( That's where I come in XD)

Here are my favorite 10 Apps for planning, exploring and discovering different cultures, countries and cities:


Your travel agent for on the go, it gathers flight information, bookings and all that goes with it in one big entry. The only thing you gotta do is forward the confirmation E-Mails to the app and you are good to go.


Have you ever visited a country and thought to yourself, why is it so quiet and where are all the peeps? Oh, well, Goby has the answer to that question. It pinpoints all the hot spots throughout the city, especially marking the ones nearest to you (including museums, theaters and cultural events ^^)


We all know the stress level when the gas tank is empty, so save yourself some time and money by using this app. It for sure has your back on the road.


An App specially made to find you a hotel ASAP. It works together with smaller hotels in metropolitan areas, offering you the smallest price you can get (but beware, since this is a relatively new app, it doesn't have that many hotels on it).


A Guardian sister app, offers you a brief overview of the city you are in with all its restaurants, bars, cafes and events and their locations, a sure must have ;)


Though not really necessary, this app can be used to preserve all of your best memories. While it tracks your pace and marks your route with a red line on the map, you can go ahead and take pictures, add videos and produce your own personal travel diary in a very professional in the making way.


All of you language enthusiast (we all know I am one of you too) may have heard of this one. Game based as it is, it guides you through levels of learning a language and can come in handy while abroad, since it teaches you the basics we all need in order to get around. Additionally, it also keeps your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar fresh and on point.


The struggle does get real when the so-called digital generation has to get going without Internet for a while... But thank the Lord for this app, it shows you all the available free Internet access points and how far away they are from you. So, ladies and gentleman, you are taken care of.


Have a dog? I do to. Now, often hotels don't accept pets. But worry no more Bring Fido knows it all. This app is specially designed for us owners in order to plan a pet-friendly holiday with man's best friend more easily.


NOW, I think you feel me when I say that most of the time I forget to pack things that I actually need. That is why I use Packpoint. It gives you a clear overview of the things you listed that need to be packed, and once you pack 'em, just tick 'em in the App.

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