Saturday, June 18, 2016


We are all full of ideas, creative and all sorts of innovative, yet we never know how to style our personal four walls...
Is it that hard? It seems as if we are afraid of colors, personal elements and especially prints (bohoooo). Freaked out by the idea that we need a lot of money in order to make it chic, cozy and extra home sweet home.
Lies people, all lies, with the right tricks and measures you can achieve the perfect put together look for your house, condo or rental. Where do I find those tricks you may ask, welp, scroll down and find out...


With the right wallpaper every room can go from zero to hero. Complement the colors and remember keep the furniture neutral and in the tones of the wallpaper ;)

My Tip: Put a wallpaper only on one of the walls and keep the others white, this way you will maximize it's effect and even enhance the size of the room


Dear people, don't be afraid to put plants in your homes, even in small spaces they will add even more oxygen and give the space a more natural vibe, which we all want.

My Tip: For my fellow small spaces/corner lovers I recommend making a flower corner (like in the pictures show below)


In order to open up the space and gain the sense that it is even bigger, strategically place mirrors throughout the space. Small, big or mosaic ones, which ever kind suits your style. It will both look stylish and luxurious.

My Tip: Additionally, place mirror details, trays  or sculptures 


Empty walls... my worst nightmare and enemy.
Aren't they ugly, starring at you. Instead of I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name, just fill it in with wall art. Small, medium and large pictures look best when combines into a huge unit. Try mixing and matching them in order to achieve the perfect style.

My Tip: You on't always have to invest in expensive art pieces, instead use your books or record collection to add a personal touch.

Source of inspiration: as always thank you Pinterest for existing


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